Editing Services

Note: I am not taking on new editing clients currently while I embark on a PhD. Please feel free to email with any questions.

Every book needs an editor who appreciates its author’s unique voice but doesn’t hesitate to ask the hard questions.

“Maddy is an excellent and instinctive editor – she has a sharp eye and a good memory and keeps good notes – little escapes her. She also has good insight into the writing process as a writer herself, and she understands how to critique both poetry and prose and give helpful and wide-ranging feedback. She can think creatively about how text can be improved and is not afraid to bring up anything she thinks isn’t working. Maddy did a fantastic job picking up inconsistencies and errors. She also showed empathy and tact. She is a talented editor – one of the best we’ve had from Whitireia’s publishing course – and we cannot recommend her more highly. ”

— Mary McCallum, The Cuba Press

“I appreciate your skills editing my book AND your ability to speak clearly, concisely and kindly to me. My book loves you too. It is like my book has new clothes since meeting you. Thank you.” 

—Kirsten Bridge, author of Unlock Your Dreams

As an experienced editor and proofreader, I have worked across a range of genres and formats, with both academic and creative texts including poetry and children’s fiction.

My publishing knowledge and skills are broad-ranging, so I understand every stage of the publishing process and can make recommendations about everything from copyright issues to typesetting and design concerns that crop up during the editing process.

I am fully qualified with a Graduate Diploma in Publishing (Applied) from Whitireia New Zealand. This highly regarded course is the industry standard and only accredited publishing course in New Zealand.

Check out a selection of the books I’ve edited below or scroll down down for FAQs. For references, further information, a quote or a free sample edit, you can reach me at madisonhamill@outlook.co.nz.

FAQs for self-publishing authors

How do you charge? I calculate the price of my services on a case-by-case basis. This will depend on the word/page count, genre and the level of editing required. Just flick me a copy of your manuscript and I am happy to offer you a quote. I offer a 10% discount to NZSA members.

Do you edit or proofread texts with non-English languages in them? If your book contains fragments of foreign languages or te reo Māori, I am usually able to edit or proofread it using trusted references and a general knowledge of specific language structures. However, I will evaluate this on a case-by-case basis. English is the only language I am fluent in, and if your text relies heavily on non-English languages, I would recommend seeking an editor who is fluent in those languages.

How does a free sample edit work? Once I’ve sent you a quote and it fits your budget, I’ll edit one to five pages of your manuscript free of charge. This will give you an indication of the kind of edits I’ll be suggesting and allow you the chance to see if I’m the right editor for your project.

How long does editing take? Editing a novel usually takes one to two months depending on scheduling. It involves some back and forth, and when the edit comes back to you, you’ll need to go through each suggested change and make a decision about it. Allow yourself ample time to work through the edits. Once this is done, the proofreading process begins!

Do you offer in-person or Zoom meetings on request? Absolutely. While the editing process can work entirely over email, I love to work things out in real time when it suits. If you live in Pōneke, I can arrange a meeting in my office space. If not, I’m happy to Zoom anytime during the editing process.

I’m not sure what the next step should be for my book. Can I email you? Please do! I am happy to offer advice about publishing and the process of production specific to your circumstances. I also offer manuscript evaluations. Contact me for details!